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Business Administration 1st semester books for sale!!!

Hey guys and girls. I have some lightly used textbooks from first semester at the NOTL campus, business administration, if anyone is starting that course this semester & looking to buy for way cheaper than at school. When I bought all my books they added up to $800 and change. Let me spare you from that.

I don't highlight much (but the things I did highlight were handy, and I ended up with an incredible average, so you can trust me). Hah. As far as I know, they are the same texts that are being used for this semester's start.

Texts available for:

  • 1st semester Operations Management

  • 1st semester Marketing

  • 1st semester Accounting (but you'd still have to buy a Lyryx card to log in if you bought this... so you might be better off buying the two-book + Lyryx card bundle.)

Let me save you money! From one poor student to another. Comment and I'll give you more specific info. :)

(I am x-posting this to Niagara Region's community as well)
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