Devin Drover (devindrover) wrote in niagara_college,
Devin Drover

Word: A Journal of Canadian Poetry - Students Submit!

Poetry is one of the most important forms of literary art that has a strong connection with the culture of many people Canada-wide. Beautiful words woven together perfectly with rhyme and rhythm is something that Canadians have a tendancy to do wonderfully - spawning epic works by the likes of EJ Pratt, Margaret Atwood and Robert Finch.

With that being said, it is my pleasure to announce "[Word]: A Journal of Canadian Poetry" - A new, eighty page, softcover anthology due out in Winter 2009 from Engen Books, a new outlet for interested Canadian poets who are looking for a new place for others to embrace their work. Interested? Look around the site at and find out all about "[Word]: A Journal of Canadian Poetry".

- Devin Drover
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