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Selling some college books

If you're going into the Journalism-Print program I have 2 books that I'm selling from the program.

The Canadian Press STYLEBOOK. A guide for writing and editing.
The book was used a lot in the first term. It is in good condition. There is maybe one line of highlighter, and the front page is slightly bent in the top right corner.
ORIGINAL PRICE: I actually don't remember how much it costs, but somewhere around $30+

THE CANADIAN REPORTER. News Writing and Reporting
The book is in good condition, there are highlighter markings in the first three chapters though.
ORIGINAL PRICE: 86.75 +tax

Any offers? I'm looking at a price of around $40-50 dollars, considering I spent over $100 on them.. will haggle, doesn't really matter! Thanks.
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I'm going in that program for September - I'll pay the 30 for the first but I can only swing about 50 for the second. Please let me know if that's cool. Drop me a line:
Still haven't heard back from you - I'm still quite interested in the books. Did you get my latest email??