it began as a mistake. (intensityjunky) wrote in niagara_college,
it began as a mistake.

because everyone loves people who whine and do nothing.

okay, so me and some like-minded compadres are going to shake this town up with awesome.

at the end of MARCH we're throwing an art/music jam called "GHOST TOWN PIRATES"

details in the coming days;
if you're down with something that is not Big Bucks with booze and pirate-people drop a line. if you have a band or are an artist or spin or MC or have a freaky talent, if you tattoo or pierce, if you just hate niagara as-is and want something fun to happen, let us know. flyers n' shit will be out soon at local establishments/hang outs. it's non-profit and it will be awesome, that's the only promise.

-leigh anne n' co
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